OHC Equine Wash

Equine Wash History and Usage: Equine Wash Horse Healthcare Liniment formulated from a Korean herbologists massage oil used successfully for years by many acupressure, massage therapist and chiropractors worldwide.

After a time of testing, changes were made to assist the Equine athlete and their therapists.

Equine Wash Horse Healthcare is used to relax fatigued muscles and disperse cold in swollen joints. It aids the masseur or adjustor in prepping body for massage routine, passive stretches or alignment.

Equine Wash Horse Healthcare Ingredients and Functions:

1) 70% Isopropyl Alcohol - Helps to relieve minor muscular aches and pains due to over exertion. Opens pores for botanical oils to penetrate and activate.

2) Soy Oil - A protective conditioner for coat and skin.

3) Camphor - Invigorates the blood and alleviates pain. Applied topically for injuries from falls, fractures, contusions and sprains. Relieves swelling related to congealed blood, and stimulates the central nervous system, especially the higher centers.

4) Rectified Turpentine Oil - Topical liniment used as a counterirritant for the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains due to overexertion or fatigue.

5) Clove Oil - Has antibiotic and antiparsitic effects. Useful in alleviating muscle pain.

6) Cassia Oil - Cinnomomi Cassiae has a very strong invitro inhibitory effect against many GRAM - positive bacteria and pathogenic fungi. Warms the channels and disperses cold in swollen painful joints.

7) Menthol Crystals - Generates mentholated heat relieving muscle aches and pains.

8) Lecithin - Natural source of vitamins and minerals for coat and skin.

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